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    Company culture



    Focus on the manufacturing of radial tyre; make the transport confortble, more ecnomic, and more environment protection.

    Vision: To be a world influence tyre manufacturer.

    Development strategy: Make the radial tyre big, strong, and fine and specialty.

    Value: Honest, responsible, positive, upward

    Honesty: Honesty is our life. We honest to customer, sales, employee and partner, only honest could win the customer, market and support of employee.

    Responsible: It is our attitude. Responsible for customer, empolyee, stock holder, society and ourselves.

    Positive: Active by heart and you can everything.

    Upward: Keep chasing excellence and innovation, in order to satisfy customer.

    Business philosophy: honesty, cooperation, win-win Cooperation is the motive of company development.

    Win-win is the original motive of company development.

    Management idea: simple, simple, economic and practical The main line of work: quality, innovation, service

    Company spirit: dedication self-improvement work innovation Work style: realistic through, high efficiency

    Work attitude: passion to work every day, attentively complete each tyre.

    Quality policy: strict management, careful operation, continuous improvement, constantly to provide customers with satisfactory products and first-class service.

    Environment policy: respect the laws and regulations, cherish life, cherish environment, and rely on technological progress and continuous improvement.